Plasma Lighter

With Solar Charging Unit

A Small Step Towards Change

Introducing Kular’s Plasma Lighter; a small step towards solving a very big problem. This lighter represents one simple way that you can commit to fighting climate change. Your own personal statement to “Change the Atmosphere”

Kular’s Plasma Lighter is an environmentally friendly way to perform combustion. It generates high voltage between two electrodes, creating a hot plasma arc, perfect for whatever may need igniting! The electricity is taken from an internal battery that can be recharged via an accompanying solar cell.  A perfect way to “light” anything without harming the planet!

Superior in many ways to the alternative lighter options, but more importantly it can send a powerful message for change

The Alternatives

Since their commercialization in 1805, matches have become a daily part of the lives many around the world; it is estimated that Americans alone use around 500 billion matches per year. Seemingly an eco-friendly option with its wooden or paper stick, the match heads actually consist of phosphorus, sulfur and paraffins. Striking the match ignites the phosphorus which burns the sulphur releasing sufur-dioxide (SO2); a harmful and toxic air pollutant. The paraffins are extracted from the settling “sludge” found at the bottom of crude oil storage tanks, a non-renewable resource. 

Every year another Billion or more disposable lighters end up in landfills around the world. This poses a serious environmental problem, as the lighter shells are made of plastic, a non-biodegradable product derived from petroleum distillates. In addition, some animals are prone to consuming the lighters that are scattered on the ground. Refillable metal lighters are not much better since they use either butane, naphtha gas or paraffins (all derived from petroleum) for fuels.

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