Not just a BBQ, it’s a revolution.


A barbeque that can go from zero to 500°F in seconds without any visible emissions. This means that the AirStoveOne™ can be used safely inside homes.

‘A clean efficient and economical biomass stove’ is something of an understatement. The invention sets a new benchmark for environmentally friendly stoves. This is the first of a new kind of stove, both ecological and hi-tech.

Prototype of the manifold setup


In the golden triangle of combustion we have 3 elements:

  1. Fuel
  2. Oxygen
  3. Ignition

In most combustion appliances today we are able to control 1 or 2 elements at best.

KULAR is able to control all three elements in real time. We can still make fires and have fun using in-cycle natural carbon, utilising long chain carbons formed by photosynthesis, compressed under high pressure to form easily handled pellets that contain a high amount of energy in a small volume. Their very density makes the combustion and controlling of the fire the basis of KULAR Technology.



The world is confronting an urgent problem and science tells us that if we don’t change quickly, the results will be catastrophic. The solution requires innovative minds and new technology that we haven’t seen before.

The AirStoveOne is just the beginning for this revolutionary technology, and the possibilities are endless.